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February 08, 2006



if your world looks like that, then it is the PERFECT night for chili! :)


your food descriptions are killing me, not you donna, but kerry.


seriously, ker. could you start a restaurant that combines all this wonderful food you find? and i love your snow pic (even through the window with a dying camera). strange for me to live in a place that will never have "a good night for chili" in that sense.


i love this picture. the snow is perfect. no ice, i hope...i wouldn't want you out there scraping ice off your windshield without me.


dont forget the rolls from heaven...


mmm...i'm so jealous! you know i love the uprise. how come every time i comment on your blog it has to do with food?


i would love to wake up to that tomorrow, but it doesn't look promising. we will have to find some good restaurants around here for you to try and see if they compare with places in columbia.


and 12 hours later, snow's completely gone.

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